Lerato Shuping

EdTech Head of Department at St Mary’s Waverly

  • Apple Teacher
  • Apple Professional Learning Specialist
  • Bookcreator Ambassador
  • Seesaw Ambassador

About Lerato Shuping

Those who know me have seen and experienced my love for everything EdTech, I take it even further by teaching our little ones to love, respect and explore technology. I wear a few hats form Google to Apple… from Coding to Robotics there is nothing I won’t explore. I believe that everyone is creative and everyone can code. One of my favorite lines is “There’s and App for that!” So many believe that you must pay for apps but there are so many apps out there that are free for us to explore and use in our creativity.

I absolutely love working with teachers from everywhere, I believe in collaborating and creating together. With all resources available I’m always happy to share with others and inspire a few new people on the way.

I love that I’m also still learning and this is one journey I love being on!