Google Slides: Rocking those Online Presentations

Google Slides: Rocking those Online Presentations

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Slides is a versatile and exciting tool to let your creativity fly. Whether you are creating presentations for your next pitch, a party invitation or certificate to motivate your team, Slides really is a wonderful tool to aid these designs.

This course is designed to help you find your inner creator and understand all the amazing features of Google Slides. Learn to format your Slides, add images, videos and work with shapes. Master skills to help use tables and diagrams effectively, voice type your speaker notes and learn to present with confidence.

Once you have completed this course you will have mastered all the wonderful features of Google Slides and be able to create and present with confidence.

More about this course

Video Series

This course is designed to help you learn with various learning materials. One of these is the use of videos to demonstrate how to learn all those amazing new skills in Google Slides

10 Videos

1 hour 4 minutes and 40 seconds worth of video content.

GIFs Got you Gathering Info

Another exciting feature to help you learn some new skills are the use of GIFs and screenshot guides throughout the course. These will help you to further understand the features being discussed.

Activities to Practise

We have created a wonderful practical activity that you can complete as you work through the course. It has been designed to help you create a fun-filled Slide deck and to help reinforce the skills being taught.

We understand that you learn best by doing!

Course Certificate

The final step to this course is a quiz that you can take to check your knowledge and ensure you really are a Google Slides Master.

Once you complete the quiz with 80% you will be issued a course certificate to showcase your newfound skills.

What You Need to Complete this Course

Google Slides is a browser based presentation editor and while it does have offline functionality, you will need the folllowing in order to truly engage with the course:

  • An internet connection
  • Google Account (this can be a personal account as you have access to Slides from there too)
  • Device such as a laptop or desktop
  • An optional mobile device to practise working while on the go
  • An eagerness to learn and become a Google Slides Master!

Refunds are available within 7 days of registering for a course only if 20% or less of the course has been completed.

Course Content

Introduction: Why Google Slides?
  • Cloud Storage 
  • Live Collaboration
  • Version History 
  • Templates
  • Multiple Devices 
  • Master Slides 
How this Course Works
  • Your How-to Guide to the Practical Activities
Basic Navigation
  • Navigate your way around Slides 
  • Navigation Check In
Capture Attention with Visuals
  • Working with images in Google Slides
  • Videos Options in Google Slides
  • Tables and Diagrams to get your point across 
  • Add some fun Shapes and WordArt
  • Check your visual Knowledge
Collaborative Features in Google Workspace
  • Sharing with Others
  • Keeping your Team in the loop 
  • Tracking Changes
  • Check your Collaboration Knowledge
Final Touches to your Presentations
  • Add movement to your Slides 
  • Experience the power of a link
  • Final touches Knowledge Check
Taking your Presentations to the next level
  • Design with Flair to avoid ‘’Death by Slides’’
  • Guiding your Layouts 
  • Mastering your Slide Themes
  • Next Level Check In
Working on the Move
  • Working on the Go

Presenting with Confidence
  • Present with Confidence 
  • Speaker Notes and presentation options in Google Slides
re you a Google Slides Master?