Google Sites: Display your Information Online

Google Sites: Display your Information Online

R200.00 includes VAT

Sites is the perfect tool for quick website creation as it integrates with the other Google Workspace tools seamlessly.

In the course you will learn how to create a website, how to set up the page structures, adding content to your site in all forms as well as publishing your site. You can publish to a select few or to the wide web.

By the end of the course you will have all you need to master your website creation.

More about this course

Access custom video tutorials

Throughout the course you will be shown how to use these tools through video material. This includes

4 videos

39 minutes 7 seconds worth of content

GIFS & Screenshots to show further explanation

As you work through the course, you will be guided by various screenshot guides as well as GIFS to showcase the features being discussed. 

Course Certificate

At the end of the course, there is a quiz that you can complete. This is set up to help you check your knowledge and ensure you are truly a Google Drive Master. 

Once you complete the quiz with 80%, you will be issued a course certificate to showcase your newfound skills. 

What You Need to Complete the Course

Google Sites is quick website creation tool. You will need the following to engage with this course: 

  • An internet connection 
  • Google Account (this can be your Gmail account as you have access to Sites from there)
  • Device such as a laptop or a desktop
  • An eagerness to learn and become a Google Sites Master

Refunds are available within 7 days of registering for a course only if 20% or less of the course has been completed.

Course Content

  • Why Google sites
  • Some features to look forward to
Structuring your website
  • Creating a Pleasing Home Page 
  • Structure is Everything 
  • Website Check in Quiz
Making your Site Pretty
  • Clever Content Creation 
  • Content Addition Check In
Let's Go Live
  • Allow people to see your creation
  • Are you ready to go live?
Are you a Google Sites Master?