Google Drive: Your Storage Space in the Cloud

Google Drive: Your Storage Space in the Cloud

R250.00 includes VAT

Google Drive is the cornerstone of sharing, creating and organising files in the Google environment.

In this course we Drive navigation, working with your files and folders, uploading, downloading and managing versions, sharing from Drive, using Drive offline, searching, Drive file stream, priority and setting up organisational Shared Drives.

By the end of the course you are guaranteed to be a confident user of Google Drive.

More about this course

Access custom video tutorials

Throughout the course you will be shown how to use these tools through video material. This includes

12 videos

53 minutes 06 seconds worth of content

GIFS & Screenshots to show further explanation

As you work through the course, you will be guided by various screenshot guides as well as GIFS to showcase the features being discussed. 

Course Certificate

At the end of the course, there is a quiz that you can complete. This is set up to help you check your knowledge and ensure you are truly a Google Drive Master. 

Once you complete the quiz with 80%, you will be issued a course certificate to showcase your newfound skills. 

What You Need to Complete the Course

Google Drive is your online cloud storage solution. Here you can store your data, share files and folders and more. In order for you to complete this course you will need access to the following:

  • An internet connection 
  • Google Account (this can be your Gmail account as you have access to Drive from there)
  • Device such as a laptop or a desktop 
  • An optional mobile device to practise on the go
  • An eagerness to learn and become a Google Drive Master

Refunds are available within 7 days of registering for a course only if 20% or less of the course has been completed.

Course Content

  • Why Google Drive?
Basic Navigation
  • Navigating Google Drive 
  • Navigation Check In
Working in Google Drive
  • Let’s Get to Work 
  • Uploading, Downloading and Managing Versions
  • Searching in Google Drive 
  • Prioritise Workspace when needed
  • Working Knowledge 
Sharing is Caring
  • Responsible Sharing 
  • A place Called ‘’Shared with Me’’
  •  Set your Drive up for Comfort 
  • Understanding Sharing
Some Technical Need to Knows
  • Drive’’ing without Connection 
  • Hard Drive meets Google Drive
Google Drive on your Mobile
  • Working on the Go
Understanding Shared Drives
  • Understanding your Drive Settings
  • Google Drive on Desktop
  • Create a space to work as a team
  • Are you a Google Drive Master?
Are you a Google Drive Master?