Google Classroom: Helping your Team Learn

Google Classroom: Helping your Team Learn

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Classroom is a powerful platform to help you streamline learning within your team. You are able to share resources, assignments and start conversations with your learners with a few simple clicks.

This course gives you an in depth knowledge of all the features of Google Classroom. Learn how to set up a Classroom that is customised to work for you and your learners, share resources and assignments quickly and see how to plan ahead. Focus on streamlining your admin by keeping track of all work assigned and submitted, give learners live feedback on tasks and learn to create self marking quizzes to check the understanding of the content taught.

By the end of the course you will have mastered Google Classroom and understand all that this wonderful tool can add to your teaching and learning.

More about this course

Access Awesome Video Tutorials

This course is designed to help you learn with various learning materials. One of these is the use of videos to demonstrate how to learn all those amazing new skills.

11 Videos

1 hour 15 minutes worth of content.

GIFs Got you Gathering Info

Another exciting feature to help you learn some new skills are the use of GIFs and screenshot guides throughout the course. These will help you to further understand the features being discussed.

Activities to Practise

We have created practical activities that you can complete in order to reinforce the skills being taught throughout the course.

We understand that you learn best by doing!

Course Certificate

The final step to this course is a quiz that you can take to check your knowledge and ensure you really are a Google Classroom Master.

Once you complete the quiz with 80% you will be issued a course certificate to showcase your newfound skills.

What You Need to Complete the Course

Google Classroom is a browser based platform to help you and your learners in your teaching and learning journeys. Although there is offline access, you will need to following in order to engage fully with this course:

  • An Internet connection
  • Google Account (this can be your personal Gmail account as you also have access to Google Classroom there)
  • Device such as a laptop or desktop
  • An optional mobile device to practise working on the go
  • An eagerness to learn and become a Google Classroom Master

Refunds are available within 7 days of registering for a course only if 20% or less of the course has been completed.

Course Content

Introduction: Why Google Classroom?
  • Cloud Storage
  • Multiple Devices 
  • For Facilitators by Facilitators
  • Offline Access
  • All Content in one Place
Basic Navigation
  • Navigate Google Classroom to work for You
  • Navigation Check in
Understanding Classroom's Functionality
  • Set your Classroom to Work for you
Sharing Content with Your Team
  • Sharing Valuable Resources 
  • Assign a task to aid understanding 
  • Quizzical Questions to test Knowledge
  • Ask a question, hear no lies
  • Understanding content sharing
Get Grading in Style
  • Constructive feedback and comments 
  • Keep Track of Progress
  • Rubrics, the building blocks for consistent feedback 
  • Stylish Grading Check in
Keep Track of Work
  • Sorting out your Classroom Admin
Classroom on mobile
  • The most Convenient Mobile Classroom
Are you a Google Classroom Master?