Getting Organised with Google Drive

Pricing: R2500 excluding VAT for a maximum of 20 people

Google Drive is the cornerstone of sharing, creating and organising files in the Google environment. In this session we get practical by sharing documents and folders with you. We look at how collaboration works within Google Drive as well as unpack the advanced features of sharing and some need to know settings that you can utilise. 

2 hour session

After the session, you will also get resources!

Course Notes

Following the session you will get access to a presentation with a series of screenshots of what was covered in the session.

These notes will be a great visual reminder as to what you covered and any top tips that may have been shared in the session!

In these course notes we have included links you will find helpful and other additional reference material which we find useful.

Video Series

Not only will you receive these notes but you will also get access to part of our new video product, a series of videos we created to help you master these tools.

These videos cover all you need to know to continue your learning and will help you to revise concepts covered in the session at your own pace with the ability to press pause or double the speed!

Getting Organised with Google Drive video topics

•  01 Getting started with Google Sheets 12 min 25 sec
•  02  Formatting fundamentals in Google Sheets 7 min 04 sec
•  03 Formulas 101 in Google Sheets 14 min 47 sec
•  04 Formulas 102 in Google Sheets 11 min 08 sec
•  05 Visualising your data with charts 16 min 05 sec
•  06 Importing & Linking Data in Google Sheets 6 min 51 sec
•  07 Interpreting data with Pivot Tables 5 min 13 sec
•  08 Protected Sheets and Ranges 3 min 54 sec
•  09 Validating Data in Google Sheets 5 min 31 sec
•  10 Conditional Formatting to automate highlights 6 min 41 sec
•  11 Explore Tool and Macro Recording 5 min 13 sec
•  12  Visualising data with filters & filter views 4 min 50 sec
•  13 Working with images in Google Sheets 1 min 51 sec

Get a certificate!

At the end of the session, you will get a certificate to prove that you attended the course and are now a master in these tools. We look forward to joining you online!

Top Tip

Due to the nature of our sessions, we recommend that you join the session with two screens or from two devices. That way, you can see your trainer as well as work in your drive at the same time. Alternatively, you could always split your screen. Watch this video to learn how to do just that if this is how you will be joining.