Become a Google Certified Level 2 Educator

You don’t need to have done Level 1 in order to do Level 2, however, it is highly recommended. Level 2 moves beyond the basics and starts diving into some truly incredible tools that will allow you to create immersive learning experiences for your learners. We move away from only focusing on the Google Workspace tools and explore Google Maps, Google Earth, Blogger, Google Trends and more.

Once you have been through Level 1, you you should definitely do Level 2! You will love the experience and the status level of being a Google Certified Level 2 Educator is high!

9.5 hours of online sessions plus interactive content in Google Classroom

R1670 including VAT per person

Explore new tools

Break down the walls of the classroom

Join us as we explore tools you might not have come across before. We will showcase some of Google’s most innovative projects and experiments in Arts and Culture, ways of using Google Earth, exploring places with Street View, getting your YouTube channels set up and so much more!

This is a practical bootcamp filled with moments for exploration and learning.

Get a glimpse of what it looks like

We dig deep

Like the Level 1 bootcamp, our Level 2 bootcamp is a completely blended approach to learning. In the first week we meet online to have many high-level conversations about inspiring learning, implementing change and navigating the unknown. You will then get access to a Google Classroom filled with resources and media for you to work through. In week 2 we hit the online sessions and discuss important topics, demo tools and fill up your top tip bank with many many tips to using these tools in an advanced and innovative way!

In the classroom that you will get access to are a multitude of media resources. We share websites we know you will find value in, we have videos for you to watch and assignments for you to complete.

If you complete the assignments and turn them in, your trainer will give you direct feedback to your work and assist you in mastering the tools! We really do believe in a hands-on approach to learning!

Top Tip

Due to the nature of our sessions, we recommend that you join the session with two screens or from two devices. That way, you can see your trainer as well as work in your drive at the same time. Alternatively, you could always split your screen. Watch this video to learn how to do just that if this is how you will be joining.