How to get certified with our bootcamp?

Google offers a number of certifications that you can achieve that will distinguish you as an expert in the field.

These are great programs and hold international recognition. Not only do you get recognised but you will also meet and join a community of like-minded enthusiasts who are truly passionate about driving education forward.

Due to COVID-19 we are hosting all bootcamps online! It is currently our most popular product and we totally understand why! This has huge benefits for you as our bootcamp models is now a 2 week online series! We use Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Sites to help you master everything that you need to know! This means, you can even learn while on the move!

Over the last two years we have successfully assisted over 500 teachers in becoming Google Certified Educators. That deserves a cheers!

We strive to deliver high-quality content that will empower and inspire you to continue to innovate in your classroom.

If you want to get certified, our bootcamps are the way to do it. We stay up to date with content, and constantly revise the curriculum to ensure that you learn all there is to know in order to distinguish yourself and show how amazing you are!

Which bootcamp is best for you?

This is where you start your journey

Being a Google Certified Level 1 Educator showcases your ability to use and understand the Google environment, specifically the Google Workspace tools. You will be collaborating in Drive, working with Docs, creating gradebooks in Sheets, videos in presentations, communicating and more. So many teachers have absolutely loved our bootcamps and they have left them inspired to upskill themselves further and feel more confident in their abilities!

Next phase, level up!

You don’t have to have done Level 1 before doing Level 2, however, we highly recommend it. Level 2 reinforces concepts learnt in Google Workspace but now we venture further. We look at tools such as Google Earth, Google Trends, Arts and Culture, Scholar, Books, YouTube and more. There are so many exciting and innovative tools that we cover in this hands-on bootcamp!

Are you interested in training teachers?

Being a Google Certified Trainer means that you will form part of the global certified trainer community and you will be recognised by Google as a leader that is able to help educators make the most of the Google Tools. The trainer certification is for those people who are interested in training large groups of teachers at a time.

Are you interested in coaching teachers?

If training large groups isn’t for you, Google has a new certification called the Certified Coach where the focus is aimed at helping teachers on a 1:1 basis. Being a certified coach gets you access to researched-backed strategies and tools that will help you facilitate teachers learning to use the Google tools. It gives you ways of ensuring that you reach all age groups and you get access to a year-long curriculum to adopt new strategies for delivering 1:1 sessions.

At Opennetworks we have been recognised by Google for our dedication to getting teachers certified. We work hard to ensure you have the best possible experience as we know doing exams can be stressful! There is a reason why we are currently the only Partners in Africa who have been recognised by Google in specialising in Professional Development!