The LearningDesign Team at Opennetworks believes that anyone can reach their full potential. You can unlock this potential by engaging with material that motivates you, inspires you, drives you and makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

What do we offer?

As humans, we are inherently curious and all learn in different ways. We have a variety of courses that range from self-paced to facilitator-led. Our course facilitators are subject matter experts that are truly inspired by encouraging learning in others.

Why us?

The Opennetworks LearningDesign Team is the only Google for Education Partner in Africa that specialises in Professional Development. The team recently won the MEA Markets Award for “The Most Innovative Educational Cloud Solutions” in the African market. This showcases our true love for collaboration technology and the belief that it has the power to transform your life. 

We have courses for business professionals, educational enthusiasts and excited lifelong learners. 

We strive for excellence and put a great deal of thought and consideration into all aspects of the learning experience. The LearningDesign Team aims to leave you motivated to implement and share your new skills straight away.

Meet the team

  Our Team  

  Meet Barbara  

Barbara Brand - Head Of LearningDesign

Barbara is driven through her passion for helping others and has big visions for the LearningDesign Team. She believes that anyone and everyone is capable of achieving anything they put their mind to. Barbara is passionate about education and has presented at multiple conferences in South Africa. She is a Google Certified Trainer and an EdTech Leader and Influencer in this field. Barbara develops training sessions that focus on creating lasting experiences that leave you feeling empowered and filled with confidence. Barbara really enjoys doing workshops with clients where she helps them to create customised solutions using the tools that they have available. Barbara’s core is kindness and equality and these values are always at the forefront of all decisions that are made for the team.

Katy Ocker - Learning Experience & Training Lead

Katy is light-hearted with a keen sense of humour. She loves to throw in random jokes to keep the team laughing, always bringing joy. She runs our team of Course Facilitators who deliver our group training sessions and bootcamps. Katy has a passion for innovating the way that we work and knows that through effective training and the right tools we can streamline our workflows and save valuable time. With 11 years of teaching experience in a classroom, she is excellent at planning, coordinating and keeping track of the small details. She is a Google Certified Trainer and works tirelessly to help teachers and professionals see the value of a digital world. Katy is passionate about creating valuable experiences throughout the learning journey. With this in mind she designs and delivers training courses that help to bring new ideas and thoughts to our daily tasks. 

  Our Team  

  Meet Katy 

  Our Team  

  Meet Jordan 

Jordan Van Rensburg - Account Manager

Jordan is all about connecting people with the right tech! He is dedicated to making sure that all our clients get the attention they deserve as well as ensuring they get the right solution for their needs. Jordan is a whizz at all things tech and understands the ins and outs of Cloud computing, Data Analytics and more. He has a keen interest in understanding the back end and that makes the work he does exceptional. When Jordan isn’t chatting with clients he races for Sim Race SA where he helps to raise money for organisations such as Abba. This shows his love for people and also some of his passion outside of the working world.