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Here, you will find different training opportunities to upskill yourself and receive the best Google training in Africa!

As the continent’s only Google Professional Development specialists, we offer online sessions through Google Meet, access to a digital learning platform with self-paced courses, and customised workshops for your school or business

We love to train, share best practices and facilitate discussion for using collaborative technology in your day-to-day life. We are here to help you become a tech master and take your tech skills to the next level!

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Self-Paced Online Learning

Are you an independent learner looking for a self-paced study course? Discover the Google Workspace environment, from sharing permissions in Google Drive to performing calculations in Google Sheets. We offer a variety of courses that you can complete in your own time. These courses have been designed to help you understand the ins and outs of the tools.

Self-Paced Learning Courses


Group Session Learning Courses

Engaging with Google Classroom

Navigating Google Classroom

Introduction to Communication Tools

Create a website with Google Sites

The Ins and Outs of Google Forms

Getting Organised with Google Drive

Incredible and Interactive Google Slides

Diving into Google Docs

Introduction to Collaboration Tools

Google Sites Masterclass

Google Forms Masterclass

Introduction to Communication Tools

Google Slides Masterclass

Google Drive Masterclass

Google Sheets Fundamentals